Elk Camp Outfitters, LLC.
Collbran, CO
License #2867

A highly recommended experience in a beautifully remote setting. On the first day of 3rd season we rode out of camp in the dark. Ashley, in the lead, spotted a large herd (100+ elk) in the flats... with a little stalking effort, I was able to fill my tag in the first five minutes of legal shooting hours on the first day of the season. Ashley and crew hunted hard with the other clients for the rest of the trip to ensure that other tags were filled also. And, I shouldn't neglect to mention that the camp food was excellent... you will not go hungry.

Jason Mann


The full service hunt exceeded every expectation I had. The camp life was great the entire trip with good home cooked meals. The guides did a really good job, my dad and I saw elk on every hunt. Thanks Ashley and Kat for the trip of a lifetime and all the great memories. I will definitely be back.

Burt Nassif


Had such a great time on my 2012 hunt with Elk Camp Outfitters. Great food, good fellowship and my horse Brownie was a real trooper. Proof is the meat in the freezer and I have plenty now. Such a wonderful area to hunt with plenty of animals to choose from but not far from Grand Junction and the airport. You can't go wrong hunting with Ashley, Kat and everyone at Elk Camp Outfitters!

Robert Hudgins


What a great trip! The crew at Elk Camp Outfitters work hard to make your hunt successful, not only in filling your “tag” but also by ensuring the whole experience is first rate.  Starting from the moment you arrive they are friendly, sincere and accommodating.


The horseback ride from the Lodge to camp was awesome; up the mountain, through aspen groves, and along open “parks” with stunning views.  After several hours, there it was, across the field, our home for the next 5 days;  a half dozen white lodge tents nestled amongst the aspen.

We saw elk every day, cow tags were filled the first morning, bull tags took a little longer.  Long days, beautiful weather, a great hunt and good company; what more to ask for?...  Good food.  I didn’t expect to gain weight on this trip.... man the food was awesome! No rice and beans served by this crew.


Bottom line, Elk Camp Outfitters made sure that my son and I had a “trip of a life time.”

David Mann


Looking for an outfitter..? I hunted with these guys on the last of rifle season 2012. Day 1... We had Sun and 8' of fresh snow on the ground. We rode the horses up across a ridge and down through snow covered Aspen and Pine....the views were stunning. In the afternoon we came up on a nice Bull and Cow but were unable to get a shot.   Day 2... Ashley (the owner) was our guide and today was also bright and sunny. The 3 of us had saddled up and left camp early before the sun came up. We decided to kick back in the snow for nap after lunch. Ashleys snoring awakened me to 2 large cows up on a ridge. With some stalking and some herding I got my first big Elk.  I suggest you pratice shooting before your trip at 200-300yrds, you want to be ready . They do have a range on site.  My wife and I are looking at horseback trip with Ashley and Kat this summer.    With Elk Camp Outfitters you get personal service, a homey atmosphere and hands on experence.

Robin Hood


Great trip already booked for next year!  The staff are knowledgeable and top notch; they went above and beyond to help our group.  The meal we had night before going to camp was best I have had in months.   Camp is secure and in good location.  If you are looking for a great outdoor experience Ashley is the guide you're looking for.

Greg Connell


I want to say i had a great time on my elk hunt.they got the elk. I want to say think you to Ashley,Chip,Kat,and Ami the one hell of a cook,the food was awsome....thank you you all....

timothy moreland


The full guided hunt is well worth the money.  Ashley, Chip, and the others ensured that every hunter had an opportunity to see plenty of elk and other game species.  This was the best experience I have ever had hunting and is definitely something I will do again. If you are reading this you will need to make sure that you are physically and mentally ready for some long days going up and down the mountains.  As for the average shot during the third season was around 325 yards but expect to shoot out to 600+ yards if you can.

Ash Mansukhani


Hunted third season 2013 at the drop camp.  Had an awesome time.  The setup was more than I expected and the area was not only beautiful but full of Elk.  In four days we saw 56 Elk total, including a couple or real monsters.  We also saw plenty of Mulees and a bear.  We got a few shots off at some bulls out at 550 yds but weren't prepared to take that long of a shot.  On the 3rd day I got an awesome 4 x 4 Bull with the help of my hunting buddy.  Ashley and Kat were awesome and the accomodations were great.  So great in fact that we already booked for next year.  If you are interested in a great hunt that won't break your bank this is the one you want.  I couldn't have hand picked a better hunt to go on.  Thanks Ashley and Kat.  See ya soon! 


Jeffrey Ruggiero


This elk hunting experience was by far the best hunting trip I have ever been on. It was a trip of a lifetime for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ashley, Kat, and Chip. There is no doubt the trip was physically demanding but we saw a ton of elk everyday because we were able cover a lot of ground.  Ashley maintains a professional staff that knows how to find elk on the mountain, thank you Chip for guiding me to my first elk.  I can’t say enough about my elk hunting experience with Elk Camp Outfitters.  What I can say is I highly recommend Ashley and his crew to anybody who wants to have a good time and harvest an elk.  I will be back! 

Brian McDowell


We had awesome experience with Elk Camp Outfitters. Our experience started when we arrived at the lodge.  We were welcomed by Ashley and Nick,  we all had a great evening on his front porch.  He prepared a great meal that we were not expecting and the potatoes were awesome.   We have never felt more welcome and at home so quckly.   We did a drop camp for 4 guys.  The camp had more ammenities than anyone of us ever expected.   We hunted hard and saw game every day from elk in the hills and bears near camp.  We were truly out in the woods and didn't see another hunter the entire trip.  We took 2 nice Bulls and all 4 of us took away memories for a lifetime.   Enjoy your time at camp because that is where some of our best memories were made.   We are planning next years hunt with Elk Camp Outfitters

Marty weverka


This was my first experience ever with a guide/outfitter operation.  All I can really say is that the rest of them have some very big shoes to fill after my experience with the guys and accommodations at Elk Camp Outfitters, that's if I ever use anyone besides them again.  We did a 4 man drop camp during the first rifle season.  From the minute we walked up to the lodge it felt like I was visiting with old friends and not just another hunter.  Ashley, Nick and the rest of the crew are some of the best people I've met.  They are genuine and friendly full of great advise and tips. The ride into our drop camp was great and the camping accommodations took me by total surprise.  The hunting and wildlife was awesome. We seen wildlife every day, from beavers and deer to deer and elk!   We filled 2 out of 4 tags with very respectable bulls.  We have already booked our hunt for next year and I cant wait!    if you've ever wondered if a drop camp or guide is worth it, coming from a do-it-yourself elk hunter, it is!   Couldnt recommend Ashley and his crew more!   

Steven Salwei